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We do Sub-Zero® Refrigeration
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  Sub-Zero® understands the importance you place on owning a refrigerator that is beautifully designed and aesthetically appealing. Beyond that, Sub-Zero® knows that first and foremost, refrigerators must do what they are designed to do in the most efficient manner possible. With dual refrigeration, Sub-Zero® provides what no other refrigerator company does — superior food preservation.

Sub-Zero® Freezer Company is the only refrigeration company to offer a dual refrigeration system as a standard feature. The dual refrigeration system keeps fresh food fresher and preserves frozen food longer because it has two separate, self-contained cooling systems—one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. The system ensures there is no transfer of air from the fresh food compartment to the frozen food compartment.

Our company specialize in the service and repair of appliances from

the high-quality brands Sub-Zero®  and  Wolf®  cooking appliances.

We understand that your appliances are an investment and a source of pride to your household. Why take a chance on service companies that don't have our extensive experience repairing these sophisticated appliances?

We are a family-owned business with a decade of experience in making quick, lasting appliance repairs. We provide rock-solid repair warranties. Our prices are competitive and we work on all appliances. Call ACME in Beverly Hills now and make an appointment via our courteous and knowledgeable associates.


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